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We Are Open! - Newsletter


Starting on: Thursday May 21 we will be opening up for acupuncture patients only. Practitioners will be operating on a modified schedule, with urgent/emergency cases taking priority. All other services that we offer will remain closed until further notice.

CHANGES YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT Change is good, right?! 

We want to fill you in on all the important details, so you can be prepared for your next visit. We are living in a different world, so we have adapted to ensure the safety of our employees

and our beloved patientsBelow, please find information about what we are doing and what is expected of you. Please read thoroughly, and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.


1. We will be asking a few more questions when you call to book your appointment. We will be asking you about your current state of health, and any symptoms you might be experiencing. If you are feeling ill we ask that you please not schedule a visit with us until you have recovered. 2. We will be asking about payment methods prior to your visit, so that you do not have to stop at our desk to take care of any payments. Patients paying by cash or check can put their payment into our drop box when entering the office. 3.You will be expected to wear a mask. You will also be expected, upon entry,  to sanitize your hands in our vestibule with our new touchless hand sanitizer station. 4.We will be taking your temperature. We have a wand that we will swipe near your forehead. Easy peasy! 5.There will be a new way of checking in & out for your visit. When you arrive, you will text us so we know you are ready for your visit. We will text you when your room is ready so that you can come in, sanitize, get your temp taken, and go directly to your room. If you cannot text, other arrangements will be made in advance of your visit. 6. If you need refills of supplements or herbs, they will be left in a bag, which you can grab on your way out. It is preferred that you give us notice of anything that you will be needing prior to your visit. 7. You will NOT have to stop at the desk for anything. Appointments will be made over the phone, or by text or via email. Online booking is CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.


  • Practitioners will be seeing less patients on their newly modified schedules. We are doing this to lessen the chance of germ exposure and ensure that our treatment rooms can be properly sanitized.

  • There will be no interaction with anyone besides staff while in the building. It is important to know that it is not business as usual.There will be no one in the building aside from staff and scheduled patients.

  • We have decluttered and deep cleaned the office.  A plexiglass barrier at our front desk will be getting installed in the coming week.

  • UV light sterilizers have been installed in each of our treatment rooms. Each room will be getting a 30 minute UV sanitation after each patient leaves.

  • Touchless hand sanitizer stations are in every treatment room and in our vestibule upon entering. 

  • The treatment beds in each room will no longer have sheets on them. In order to keep the amazing healing powers of our therapeutic BioMats, they are now covered in a sanitizable bed protector. This enables us to keep the germs away, but allows for the comfort of the heat and for the healing powers of amethyst crystals to still work their magic.

  • There is an air purifier in each treatment room to help in reducing the amount of airborne germs.

  • Per New York State guidelines, our Business Safety Plan is completed and available upon request.

We aim to go above and beyond basic safety regulations by including these additional procedures; your safety means everything to us! WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOUR MASKED FACES SOON!



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