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Pellegrino Logo


the word pellegrino means "pilgrim".

In today’s world we are all on a pilgrimage to optimal health, facing life’s obstacles of stress, illness, and injury. I created Pellegrino Healing Center as a wellness destination for healing, rest and relaxation."


Pellegrino Healing Center was created to help you navigate (and elevate) your journey to wellness.

We welcome you to discover a path to healing and wellness that fits your lifestyle and specific individual goals. Ancient and alternative therapies along with a mix of modern technologies help us define – and then elevate – every standard of care.

Our Standard of Care 

At Pellegrino Healing Center, we pride ourselves in our high level of care and concern for each patient. We put an enormous amount of love into helping and guiding each patient, ensuring that they feel supported and heard. We have a passion for healing and are dedicated to the needs and goals of our patients. 


Our Holistic Approach

When you visit our center, we look at and treat you as a whole person, taking additional factors such as background and lifestyle into consideration. We personalize our approach to satisfy and speak to your body, your mind, and your spirit. We work together, as a team of acupuncturists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, and healers, to develop health protocols that are designed specifically for YOU. 

Our Time 

We are a team of nurturing healers that puts a great deal of time into the preparation, treatment, and follow-up for each patient. Unlike many other acupuncture businesses, we provide additional modalities such as Biomat therapy, infratonic therapy, aromatherapy, bodywork, and much more during acupuncture treatments. We devote additional time and effort to elicit an elevated healing experience so that you are relieved and recovered faster. 

healing elevated

We devote additional time and effort to elicit an elevated healing experience so that you are relieved and recovered faster. 


essential oils, calming music, hot tea and herbs are included with our massages

Our community and family-centered values 

Pellegrino Healing Center is a place for friends and family to gather and be well. We are accustomed to helping entire families, whether that be with our group yoga and energy healing classes or by treating each family member with acupuncture and massage. We believe in supporting our local community through our community clinics, partnering strategies, and work in the Hyde Park and Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce. Our yoga studio and salt cave also serve as a community event center. This small, but mighty space allows us to hold intimate seminars and host a variety of wellness events. 

Our quaint and beautiful space  

Pellegrino Healing Center is an inviting and supportive space created to energize and renew you. Newly renovated and designed by our energy healer, our center was specifically crafted to evoke a calm, relaxed state. Those who walk through our doors tell us that we have created an incredibly welcoming, heart-centered environment. When you visit, you will be immersed in beautiful colors of blues and whites, hardwood floors, plush furniture, and inspiring artwork. We have built an inviting center that serves as a safe and restorative space for healing. 


We are covered by an ever growing number of insurances!

Pellegrino Healing Center participates in a growing number of major healthcare plans such as Blue Cross Blue Shield. Check to see if your plan is offered or discuss reimbursement options with your employer.