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massage, elevated.

We believe that there is no"one size fits all" when it comes to your body's healing journey so we offer a wide range of massage services to suit your needs. Our specialty massages offer the type of tailored bodywork that will help you in your quest towards optimal health. Our licensed massage therapists are extremely knowledgable with additional certifications and training. Explore our options below.

Meet The Team

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Sun & Thurs 11AM -5PM

Mon, Tues & Wed 11AM-7PM

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Sun, Mon & Sat 9AM-2PM

Fri 9AM-3:30PM

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Wed 9AM-2PM

Thurs 12PM-7PM

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Mon 2:30PM-7PM

Tues 12PM-5PM

Fri 2PM-7PM

Sat 9AM-2PM

PLUS: Some Sundays 10AM-3PM

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Back Massage

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