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Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan Salt Cave

The term “Halotherapy” comes from “halo”, the Greek word for salt. Simply put, Halotherapy is the use of salt vapor to help treat respiratory ailments, skin irritations, and combat mental lethargy.

While salt therapy has been used since ancient times and has gained traction throughout history, its application in the modern world is relatively new. More and more salt caves (around 300 in the US) are popping up with the discovery of multiple health benefits.

Once Pellegrino Healing Center heard of the safe alternative benefits of Halotherapy, we had to have a Salt Cave! Our top-of-the-line halogenerator crushes our special treatment salt into small particles for inhalation, creating the microclimate that leaves you feeling elevated.

Pellegrino Healing Center salt cave starry ceiling


Himalayan salt's natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits can potentially help clear up bacterial skin conditions and greatly improve your respiratory health. The negative ions in the air may help boost your mood and give you more energy. 


Mood and energy


Seasonal affective disorder

Inflammation (helps reduce it)


Lessens mucus production

Asthma and allergy symptoms

COPD symptoms

Eczema and psoriasis symptoms

Respiratory health

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"Salt Cave Halotherapy Improves Respiratory & Immune Health"

Pellegrino Healing Center salt cave lounge chairs

Zero Gravity Halotherapy

Relax in a zero-gravity lounge chair and breathe in the salty air.


Our gorgeous salt cave is constructed entirely of pink Himalayan salt which has upwards of 84 minerals that can be absorbed through the skin or through the lungs.


45-min Zero Gravity Halotherapy Treatment

1 Session: $40   

3 Pack $105 ($35 per session)

5 pack $150 ($30 per session)

10 pack $250 ($25 per session)


Salty Kids


$50 for one adult caretaker &

one child age 10 & under

$20 per extra child age 10 & under

Children age 11 years & up $40


4 sessions per month $110 (Save $50)

8 sessions per month $200 (Save $120)

Membership Perks

One free guest pass per month for a new friend

10% off one Himalayan Salt Scrub Wrap Service

Learn what to expect and what's expected of you while in our salt cave.

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Zero gravity chair inside Pellegrino Healing Center salt cave
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