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Elevate your healing with a soothing Hot Stone Massage.


Smooth and heated stones are applied to your body to help melt away stress, tension, and any adhesions that may be causing you pain or discomfort. 


Our massage therapists will apply the amount of pressure you prefer, from Swedish to Deep Tissue, so that you can receive the most indulgent and custom experience. 


Hot Stone Massage helps:

  • Relieve muscle tension, pain, and spasm with specifically placed stones

  • Reduce stress and anxiety while rebalancing energy

  • Promote better sleep by increasing calmness and peace in the body and mind

  • Improve circulation of blood, lymph, and energy to clear toxins and stagnation

  • Create a sense of comfort and warmth while mechanically clearing and releasing adhesions, or “knots”


Swedish Hot Stone 60 min: $125 

Swedish Hot Stone 75 min $145

Swedish Hot Stone 90 min $165

Deep Tissue Hot Stone 60 min: $135

Deep Tissue Hot Stone 75 min: $155

Deep Tissue Hot Stone 90 min: $175

Buy a Package of Four & Save 10%

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