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3 Reasons To Try Integrative Care


Integrative medicine is the future of successful healthcare. Currently, the conventional "prescription and pill" heavy healthcare system we have today just isn’t working. As a society, we have become chronically stressed and sick, while feeling disconnected from our healthcare providers and our health and wellness options. Fortunately, many of us have started to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern healing practices and step into the synergistic powers of integrative medicine. No matter what level of health you are at, integrative medicine can help. There is growing research that continues to highlight the benefits of integrative medicine, as well as showcase the wide range of diseases and health conditions that integrative medicine addresses.

Integrative Medicine Has Been Shown to Help With:

  • Cancer

  • Pain Management

  • Mental Health

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Sleep Issues

  • Fertility & Pregnancy

  • Hormonal Issues

  • Optimal Health & Increased Vitality

  • A Range of Other Specific Health Issues/Conditions

You may have heard of the term “integrative medicine” without fully understanding its meaning. Integrative medicine is incorporating a large range of therapeutic approaches to help patients reach optimal health and healing. Integrative care in general, allows for the assimilation of different healing modalities, health approaches, and practitioner expertise to get to the root cause of disease and treat the body holistically. Integrative medicine can be seen as combining both conventional western medicine and complementary eastern medicine. An integrative approach to health and healing makes the most sense if we really think about it: combining the best of different schools of thought, expertise, and practices to help reach the best results. Continue reading to see why integrative medicine is the best of both worlds and why you should try it.

1. Have a Powerhouse of Conventional & Complementary Care On Your Side

There is no need for conventional care and alternative healing to be at war with one another. There are so many needs, uses, and success rates for both, so why wouldn’t we consider combining forces? Collaboration is key when it comes to receiving the quickest, highest quality results. While there are different schools of thought that may have differing ideas or approaches, integrative practitioners have one common goal: the patient. When practitioners of varying disciplines can come together and communicate about a patient’s treatment plan, the effectiveness of that plan increases immensely. The integrative approach is truly the most productive and conducive.

2. Experience the Holistic Approach

The phrase, “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” is a great way to describe the benefits of integrative medicine and care. Not only does integrative medicine use teamwork to receive the best results, but it also looks at the whole person instead of just individual parts. You are not just your symptoms or your health conditions in the scope of integrative care; you are a person who has emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs that will be addressed. The holistic approach gets to the root cause of your condition and then uses a combination of traditional and alternative therapies, as well as lifestyle recommendations to help you overcome health obstacles, improve quality of life, and reach optimal health.

3. Receive Quality Care in a Relaxing & Supportive Atmosphere

The level of care you receive in an integrative setting is unlike anywhere else. A team of dedicated and empathetic healers working together to take care of you feels as good as it sounds. Unfortunately, more often than not, we feel like just another number in the modern healthcare system. We can feel like our doctors and healthcare practitioners don’t have enough time or energy to communicate with one another or even with us. Receiving genuine and compassionate support from your healthcare providers is a huge component to integrative care. The atmosphere of many integrative environments does not feel clinical and cold, but rather warm, inviting, and comfortable. If we are hurting and in need of true healing, the space in which we receive support is essential to our improvement.

If you are looking to have your team of doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and nutrition and meditation professionals all working together, then it’s time to check out what we have to offer at our center.

Written by Michelle Eggink NTP



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