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3 Reasons To Try Integrative Care

While Pellegrino Healing Center has been offering integrative services since our creation, we have expanded our integrative programming to include an integrative cancer center with the addition of Diana L. Silverman, D.O.

Dr. Silverman is a Breast Surgical Oncologist, an Integrative Specialist, and a Metastatic Breast Cancer Survivor who will be joining forces with our team to offer integrative services for cancer patients as well as those with other health conditions and goals. Read below to learn more about integrative medicine and why you should give it a try.


Integrative medicine is the future of successful healthcare. Currently, the conventional "prescription and pill" heavy healthcare system we have today just isn’t working. As a society, we have become chronically stressed and sick, while feeling disconnected from our healthcare providers and our health and wellness options. Fortunately, many of us have started to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern healing practices and step into the synergistic powers of integrative medicine. No matter what level of health you are at, integrative medicine can help. There is growing research that continues to highlight the benefits of integrative medicine, as well as showcase the wide range of diseases and health conditions that integrative medicine addresses.

Integrative Medicine Has Been Shown to Help With: