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Jorge Matias, LMT

Massage Therapist 

“I’m excited to join this team of like-minded practitioners who all bring their own unique approach, while having the same goal of helping others to heal!”

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A Bit About Jorge

Jorge Matias is a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist and 2019 graduate of Finger Lakes school of Massage in Mount Kisco NY. 


It is a personal story of healing that led Jorge to become a massage therapist. After suffering with scoliosis, Jorge had a lumbar fusion. This left him dealing with a lot of pain. After enduring that pain for about seven years, Jorge had his first massage experience. The relief that he felt inspired him so much, he began to pursue a career in massage. Honing his skills, Jorge is happy to help others get the sort of life changing relief that he got from massage. 


With the understanding that each person's need for bodywork is unique to the individual, Jorge enjoys working alongside his patients to create the best plan of care, ensuring the best result. 


Jorge brings a new offering to Pellegrino that he excels in: TableThai Massage. This method uses techniques that have been developed over millennia to both soothe and heal. Traditional Thai Massage is done without oil, and is a combination of gentle pulling, stretching, kneading—over the entire body. Jorge uses his hands, elbows, knees, and feet to guide his clients through various stretches and long sustained compression into the muscles. 


Along with Table Thai Massage, Jorge also offers Swedish, Deep Tissue  and Medical massages.

Thai Massage

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