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Ashley Castellana, LE

Ashley Castellana

Licensed Esthetician

“I believe skin care is very important for physical skin health but also for mental health. When we take the time to have a facial or esthetics treatment, we are addressing our skin concerns but are also giving ourselves a chance to relax from our busy lives. So many people put others first; taking time for yourself is a wonderful act of self-care and healing.”

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A Bit About Ashley

Ashley Castellana is a licensed esthetician whose passion for wellness and skin care radiates through her. Ashley has been in the esthetics world for over a decade, getting certified in dermaplaning and expanding her skin care knowledge for the best practices possible. A lover of high-quality products, nourishing scalp massages, and soothing healing modalities, Ashley’s treatments ensure an extraordinary and relaxing experience. In addition to tailoring her treatments to each unique skin type, Ashley is also working towards helping more people with her work; she is currently working towards her certification in oncology skin care so she can help our patients heal their skin, relieve their stress, and feel better. 

Skin Care

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