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Welcome to our specially curated page where we share exclusive content. Find the tools to nurture your wellness and practice self-care no matter where you are. Send any suggestions for additional content to:

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4-7-8 Breath

The 4-7-8 breathwork technique along with other deep breathing methods will help you feel more connected to your body. Deep breathing increases oxygen supply to your brain and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes calmness. This technique will help to bring awareness away from your stressors and quiet your mind.


1.) Start by clearing the breath with one exhale through the mouth.


2.) Close the mouth and silently inhale to a count of four. At the top of the inhale with the mouth still closed, hold your breath and count to seven.


3.) Exhale completely for a count of eight through the mouth. This is one complete cycle.


4.) Repeat.


Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire involves passive inhales and active exhales that are fast and powerful. It acts as a great way to purify the blood, improving respiratory health, concentration, and mindfulness. This technique is also associated with stress relief.

Start by practicing for 1-3 minutes per day. Your body may need to adjust to this breathing method, so at first you may feel lightheaded. This will go away the more you practice. You want to gradually work up to 5-15 minutes daily. For experienced breathwork aficionado may practice up to 30 minutes or more daily. 

If you have any of the following conditions, we recommend deep breathing techniques like 4-7-8 or deep belly breathing rather than breath of fire:

If you are pregnant or menstruating

If you have vertigo, high blood pressure, heart disease, or seizures. ‌

Yoga Pose



The benefits of meditation are far-reaching and can lead you to a happier, healthier, and more present lifestyle. Explore guided meditations from our Meditation & Mindfulness teacher and Ceremonial Breathwork Facilitator Michelle Eggink, NTP. 

Michelle on Insight Timer

Michelle on Spotify



Improve your mental health and well-being with the help of these apps that offer guided meditations, study support, sleep guidance and more.



Warrior One



Yoga is an ancient practice that can help unite the mind and body. It involves breathing exercises, meditation and asanas (poses) that stretch and flex various muscle groups. Yoga helps reduce stress and increase relaxation.

Down Dog Yoga app

The Down Dog yoga app is free for schools and students. Learn more HERE.

Self-Help Blogs

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