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IV infusions

Dr. Diana Silverman dedicated a few years of her time researching treatments from world-renowned experts to help combat many diseases including cancer and improve patient quality of life. One of the most intriguing discoveries she found was the impact that vitamins and nutrition can have on the body. Over time, our agriculture has severely depleted essential vitamins and nutrients in our diet. This has led to increased inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Our IV infusions are not pre-packaged or frozen mixtures that are loaded with preservatives. Each of our IV infusions is custom blended and mixed on-site, providing each patient with exactly what their body needs to assist in the health and healing process.

Did you know that vitamins delivered via IV therapy allow for the absorption of 99.9% of vitamins, delivering them straight into your bloodstream for maximum impact? Compared to the 8% absorption that some oral tablet forms deliver. With IV Therapy you will receive a blend of hydration, essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes. 

IV Vitamin Infusions are scheduled with our registered nurses, Maria Alberts, RN, NC-BC and Kaneisha Ramsey, RN.

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All of our IV infusions are


IV Packages are five of the same IV, with one of the same for free.

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IV Hydration $100

One liter of intravenous fluids to help replenish and rehydrate the body. 

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Wellness Infusion $150

A modern formula of the classic Myers' Cocktail created to help enhance the immune system and reduce fatigue while replenishing essential vitamins and minerals. 


Cold & Flu $175

This formula delivers multiple vitamins along with a double dose of Vitamin C that helps combat cold and flu-like symptoms, while giving your immune system a powerful boost with Zinc.

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Immune Boost $185

This specially designed anti-inflammatory formula combines vitamins that strengthen the immune system along with detoxification support. 

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Allergy Relief $175

Get relief for your allergies! Created to help relieve and prevent allergy symptoms with multiple immune boosting vitamins.


IV for Lyme Disease $185

In addition to essential vitamins and minerals that get depleted with antibiotics, the Lyme Infusion protocol contains a super-high dose of your body’s most powerful antioxidant – glutathione. This proprietary infusion helps lower cellular waste products, repair cell damage, assists with powerful liver detoxification, helps combat inflammation, cognitive dysfunction and provides relief of herxheimer reactions.  

Stressed Woman

Stress Relief $190

This IV cocktail helps elevate your mood, relieve stress and anxiety, while strengthening defenses that lead to illness and fatigue during periods of high stress.

Woman with her hands on either side of her head looking like she is in pain

Headache & Migraine $175

This formula provides immediate relief for moderate to severe headaches and will often break the cycle of pain from chronic headaches. 

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Anti-Aging $225

Our formula combines powerful vitamins and antioxidants that are critical in repairing UV damage, protecting against the aging process, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

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Metabolism Boost $225

A proprietary blend of IV vitamins that raise your metabolism and promotes fat loss while improving energy utilization. ​


IV Raynaud’s Relief $170

This unique IV infusion provides relief for people that experience limited blood supply to the fingers, toes, ears and tip of the nose in response to cold temperatures. 

A neural pathway is a series of connecte

Athletic Boost $175

Created for athletes who want to perform at the top of their game. This formula provides you with all the right vitamins, and electrolytes your body will need before being pushed to the limit.

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IV Intimacy Enhancer $225

Created with a unique blend of vitamins that enhances blood flow and circulation to help deliver a more enjoyable intimate experience for both men and women.


Hangover Relief $170

A vitamin infusion that rehydrates and replenishes the vitamins and nutrients lost during a night of excessive alcohol consumption.

Ultra Hangover Relief $200

This formula contains essential vitamins and nutrients with double the amount of fluids. We’ve also added anti-nausea and IV headache relief. 

Picture of an IV bag filled with fruit.

Nurse Custom IV Infusion Consultation $100*

Get a custom blended IV vitamin infusion that is tailored just for you. We provide each patient with exactly what their bodies need to assist in the healing and health process. While our Holistic Nurse Maria Alberts MSN, RN, NC-BC.,conducts this consultation,  Dr. Silverman oversees every consultation and consults on each Custom IV case. 


  • Review of patients medical history

  • Review of symptoms

  • Prescription for basic vitamin panel blood work

  • Follow up visit to review lab results

  • Provide custom blend of IV vitamins to be directly infused into the bloodstream


*Does not include the cost of the custom blended IV infusion.

Pill Variety

IV Add-ons

Looking to add a little something more to your IV? 

  • Vitamin D - $40

  • Vitamin C - antioxidant $25

  • Glutathione - master antioxidant $25

  • B12 - energy booster $25

  • Zofran - anti-nausea $25

  • Toradol - anti-inflammatory $25

  • Extra IV Fluids - 250ml $25

  • Extra IV Fluids - 500ml $50

  • 50mg (1cc) NAD  - $50

  • 250mg (5cc) NAD  - $150

  • 500mg (10cc) NAD  - $300

Three syringes.

Need a quick health boost?

We offer four vitamin shots to help support, revitalize, and heal.

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