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Are you ready to feel better?

Pellegrino Healing Center was created to help you navigate your journey to wellness. It is our mission to elevate your healing experience for recovery and well-being. 

Why us?

We differ from your average acupuncture and wellness facility by offering our patients access to a diverse collective of healing practitioners. Our specially trained clinicians continue to advance their training and certifications. Using cutting-edge holistic healing modalities and the latest technologies in an interdisciplinary approach, we have established an ever-expanding knowledge-base and detailed treatment plans for a variety of advanced care specialties. We are committed to helping you find your path to healing and recovery so that you can overcome health challenges and LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE.

Start your healing journey with us...

Schedule a consultation.

Take the first steps on your journey. Schedule a consultation with one of our practitioners in acupuncture or integrative medicine. If you are looking for a massage, private meditation, halotherapy in our salt cave, healing skin care or one of our many other healing treatments, feel free to give us a call to schedule an appointment, or book online.

Get a plan.

We will create a unique treatment plan that works with your life and health style goals. Our healing treatments are thorough and tailored to your needs. We use a holistic approach to treat the underlying roots of your condition, beyond the symptom level.

Elevate your healing.

Pellegrino Healing Center understands that your healing journey is unique. When you are in our care, you will have the support of educated and caring practitioners, committed to helping you live your best life through transformative treatments.

HEALING, elevated.

Whether you are taking your first steps towards a healthier life, or we are your last hope, Pellegrino Healing Center will empower you to make a positive shift in your overall health.

What our patients are saying...

"I came to Pellegrino Healing Center feeling my worst. I was weak, very sick, terrified and after weeks of being disregarded, with no help and little care elsewhere, I was mentally and physically exhausted. Christine & her entire staffgreeted me with open, loving arms. They went above and beyond in every way from making sure I was comfortable, to doing research on my condition and everything in between. They are absolutely incredible - not only because of the effectiveness of the treatments but because of the love and genuine care that they show to all of their patients. I am forever grateful. Thank you."

~Christine S.

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