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Tammy George, Senior Patient Care Coordinator & Therapy Assistant


Patient Care Coordinator, Therapy Assistant, Laser Technician

"The thing I love the most about my job is knowing that what I do is helping heal people on the inside and the outside, whether it's treating patients physically or taking the time to listen and letting them know I truly care. The warmth our patients feel from the moment they walk in the door sets the tone for the treatment they will receive. We work as a team, from the front desk to the practitioners, to everyone behind the scenes...everyone plays an integral part no matter how big or small."

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A Bit About Tammy

Tammy is a Patient Care Coordinator, Therapy Assistant, and Laser Technician here at Pellegrino Healing Center. Tammy started working with us right before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, beginning as a front desk coordinator and expanding into an integral part of our patient care experience with her compassion and expansive skillset. Tammy's love of wellness has grown from her passion for healthy eating, her dedication to trail running, and her interests in natural healing and holistic care. In addition to her work as a Patient Care Coordinator at the center, Tammy is also a Therapy Assistant, supporting the tailored acupuncture treatments of our practitioners. Tammy has been trained to perform advanced protocols for complex conditions, utilizing laser therapy, frequency-specific microcurrent, and many other healing modalities to maximize patient healing. Tammy's work is highly requested and recommended by patients. 

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