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Patient Care Coordinator, Therapy Assistant

“At Pellegrino Healing Center, I am able to learn and grow in the holistic care community. I wholeheartedly believe in healing through mind, body, and spirit and I am so grateful to work at a place that believes the same. I am honored to be a part of our patients' journey to healing and wellness.”

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A Bit About Jess

Our Patient Care Coordinator Jessica is a shining light of warmth and compassion for our patients. Working in the world of wellness for over 13 years, Jessica brings a great deal of knowledge from the realms of medical administration, customer service, and patient care. Jessica currently holds an Associate's Degree in Nutrition and is working on her Bachelors in Science with a Concentration in Nursing. Jessica is also a Master Reiki Healer and a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor. She aspires to become a Holistic Nurse Practitioner specializing in nutrition and other holistic modalities. 


Jessica is highly empathic and happy to help others. Her love of wellness came from her personal struggles with healing and healthcare. On her own journey to wellness, Jessica learned that the path might not be easy, but that small steps forward make a big difference in the long run. She has taken every opportunity to learn from the medical professionals around her and is so happy to be at Pellegrino where she can get hands-on experience in the industry. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys making wreaths, crafting, and party planning. While Jessica is originally from Long Island, she currently resides in the Hudson Valley with her husband. 

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