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As a Postpartum Doula and Sleep Consultant, Sara Morse emphasizes the importance of postpartum care. Sara will support and empower you as you embrace the ups and downs of parenthood, together.

"I recently worked with Sara and she was a miracle worker with my toddler!!! She helped me get him on track and created a healthy sleep pattern for him in his big boy bed!! I highly recommend using her if you are having sleep troubles with your little one. Everything was laid out nicely and happened in baby steps so there was not a tremendous amount of change all at one time. Sara took her time answering questions and guiding me through the entire process until my guy was officially set. If you are looking for sleep like I was, please reach out to Sara to help you get some zzzzz."

~Amy F.


Age range: Prenatal/Postnatal parents


During this live one hour class presentation, we will discuss REM & NREM sleep cycles, setting the stage for sleep, sleepy cues and wake windows. Lots of beneficial information will be discussed to help support sleep success and alleviate sleep deprivation. This is the perfect class for parents looking for help with establishing healthy sleep habits and the tools to make sleep successful.


Whether you have a newborn and you are looking for direction with sleep or you have an older infant that is struggling with sleep, this is the perfect class to educate you on the importance of sleep, help you understand your baby's sleep and why it is vital to your baby’s development!


There will be time for questions at the end of the session.


One-on-one session: $100  (60-min.)


Age range: (Birth - 24 months)


During this one-on-one 60-minute consult, we will discuss difficulties/concerns you are currently facing with your baby. Some examples include wake windows, feeding schedules, establishing a routine, sleep struggles, contact free naps and sleep training methods.


We will focus on up to three areas of concern. Recommendations will be given based on information received during our consultation and what will work best for your baby. This is the perfect quick fix for parents that need immediate advice.


One 60-min session: $100 


Age range: For moms with babies up to 12 months


This is a four week program (One 60-min class per week for three weeks PLUS one 60-min follow up to discuss any questions or concerns that may have come up following the completion of the three classes. Additional coaching, resources and support can be given during this time.


Class 1: Self-care (60-min)

Class 2: Identity Shift (60-min)

Class 3: Transitioning back to work (60-min)

Class 4: Safe Space - Open Discussion for questions/concerns (60-min)

*Examples include sleep deprivation, sibling support, emotional support*


This session is focused on the importance of postpartum wellness and supporting moms during their postpartum journey. Each session will include a presentation of the topic being covered, one-on-one support through discussion, time for questions, tips on how to navigate those first several months/1st year postpartum and a safe space for you to openly discuss challenges you may have faced thus far. This offering will help you feel supported, connected and empowered as you transition into motherhood.


Four 60-min one-on-one sessions: $300 


Age range: 2nd/3rd trimester prenatal


Are you unsure of what to expect following the birth of your baby? This class is for you!


During this educational presentation, we will discuss exactly what to expect during your postpartum journey so that you will be better prepared and empowered.


Session #1: We will focus on the following: Immediate postpartum practices, Golden hour & baby’s instinctive phases, what happens with your body following birth, the importance of postpartum recovery, your postpartum mind (mood disorders & symptoms) & tips for adjusting to your new role as mom & dad.


Session #2: We will focus on the following: Taking care of a newborn/baby basics, safe sleep practices, breastfeeding basics, postpartum help/reference guide, postpartum checklist & postpartum must haves for you & for baby


This educational based class is a great resource for what to expect during your journey into parenthood. You will feel prepared, empowered & ready to take on parenthood with this supportive guide to help lead the way. There will be plenty of time for questions & supportive coaching, as I help you prepare for one of the most rewarding experiences you will encounter as

a parent.


One 2-hour one-on-one session: $200 


One-on-one sessions for prenatal in preparation for postpartum, followed by postpartum support

Age range: Prenatal 2nd & 3rd Trimester & postpartum

As a Postpartum Doula, my ultimate goal is for you to feel prepared and supported with an emphasis on maintaining your postpartum wellness following the birth of your baby. Navigating parenthood comes with many “firsts” & unknowns. I will be your support system and offer extensive coaching as you embrace the ups & downs of parenthood.



  • One 60-min one-on-one session  - postpartum support systems

  • Three 60-min one-on-one sessions - preparing for postpartum plan

  • One 60-min one-on-one session  - review customized postpartum plan

  • Two 30-min one-on-one sessions following the birth of the baby (within 4 weeks postpartum. Can be held virtually)

  • Unlimited email support during first 4 weeks following birth of baby

There will be one 60-minute class session that focuses on postpartum support systems. This class will take place as a presentation that emphasizes the importance of establishing a support system prior to giving birth, so you are prepared after your baby's arrival.


Following this class, there will be three 60-minute sessions to prepare for your customized postpartum plan. These sessions will involve a lot of questions that will help prepare you for life after baby. Partners are  encouraged to attend, as they will also be involved in the postpartum planning process.


Your postpartum plan will cover the following:

  • Preparation for parental leave

  • Postpartum recovery

  • Visitor’s policy

  • Food planning

  • Breastfeeding/bottle feeding

  • Parenting roles

  • Sleep/rest

  • Practical/emotional support

  • Sibling support

  • Pet support

  • Parent time

  • Community support

  • Mental health support


Following these sessions, I will take all of your information and create a postpartum plan for you to use as a guide following birth. This will be a great resource for you and your partner to refer to as you navigate parenthood.


You will also be given a postpartum “must haves” list for you and baby so you can be prepared and have essentials on hand following delivery.


We will hold an additional 60-minute session for you to review the plan and discuss any questions you may have.

Once baby has arrived:

You will have two 30-minute sessions to utilize for any questions, concerns, suggestions and/or further guidance.


You will also have 4 weeks of unlimited email support following the birth of your baby (at least one correspondence/day) to reach out with any questions, concerns, suggestions and/or further guidance.

PRICE: $750

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Sara Morse, CPD, CBC

Certified Postpartum Doula, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, and Certified Breastfeeding Counselor

A mother of three, Sara has over 25 years experience in childcare, child development and postpartum support. Her career has evolved from working in daycare, to being a nanny and later opening her own NYS Family Daycare.

Knowing the importance of postpartum wellness, solid sleep, as well as supporting parents as they navigate parenthood, Sara’s services are intended to help her clients feel supported, empowered and heard as they navigate their new role as a parent. Being dual certified allows Sara to connect with families on their postpartum journey, while offering supportive services for mom, dad and baby.

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