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Susan Spellman


Social Media & Website Manager

"When my son was born in 2007, I became very interested in alternatives to western medicine and different ways of healing. My son was diagnosed with leukemia in 2015, and his journey through that process of chemotherapy solidified my belief that there is so much more to the healing process than medication alone. Pellegrino Healing Center is a place that heals your body AND your mind. Having gone through something so traumatic and stressful, I feel that being here has been such a gift, and it truly feels as if the universe has led me to where I am supposed to be; in a nurturing, caring, and healing environment. Being here has not only helped me heal, it has also helped me find my true passion in my work. Social media and website management is such a joy and loving what I do is so fulfilling."

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A Bit About Susan

Susan is our Social Media and Website Manager who has been with our center since 2019. Her passion for digital design allows her to come up with a mixture of educational, amusing, and beautiful design content for our social platforms including our website, newsletters, social media accounts, and more. Susan also plays a big role in helping organize and coordinate essential business activities, marketing logistics, and center promotions. An integral part of our team, Susan’s dedication and hard work helps create and uphold the nurturing and healing environment that is our center. She enjoys photographing trees, rearranging furniture, writing poetry, and spending time with her son. Susan has many talents including being a licensed hairdresser, having 15 years of management experience, and being able to parallel park like a champion. 

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