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Pellegrino Healing Center Veteran Care Program can help Veterans heal


As reflected by the newly launched Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) "Whole Health System" Pellegrino Healing Center has developed an individualized program to help empower veterans in health and wellness. For example, we've seen a significant reduction of PTSD symptoms in veterans after acupuncture and massage therapy, both physically and psychologically. Integrative health plan options include:

  • Acupuncture

  • Electrical muscle stimulation

  • Therapeutic massage

  • Noninvasive laser therapy

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

FREE PTSD Clinic  On hold during COVID-19 crisis


Join Pellegrino Healing Center for our monthly FREE PTSD Clinic. This 1-hour session is specifically tailored for patients who suffer from PTSD. It will take place in a quiet group setting and will include a simple acupuncture treatment to reduce stress, anxiety, and agitation. The NADA protocol is designed to uplift mood, improve sleep, and provide relief for emotional trauma.