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New Online Offerings and Updated Info April 2020 - Newsletter

To all my amazing patients,

First and foremost, I miss you!

It has been heartbreaking, to say the least, to be mandated to temporarily close the business that I have poured my whole heart and soul into, and worked so tirelessly to build. What I want to do above anything is to be present for you during this stressful time and to help you through the emotional trauma that we are all experiencing on some level right now. It has been challenging for me to press pause on the magical healing power of acupuncture that I know benefits you, my dear patients that I adore and love so much. However, I know that this time of social distancing is neccessary in helping curb the spread of COVID-19.

For now, Pellegrino Healing Center will be closed for in-person treatments until April 29, and we await further instruction from New York State as to when we can reopen.

I want you to know this: My amazing healing team of staff members are still here for YOU!

We still do our weekly staff meetings (remotely of course), and we are getting prepared for when we can reopen. In the meantime, we have made accomodations to assist you in other ways.