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Natural Herbs

Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak & Reflexology 

A Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak is a detoxifying foot soak treatment and so much more. Our soaks contain hand-picked herbs directly sourced from pristine regions of Tibet and China: these exclusive herbs have been used therapeutically for thousands of years. This treatment includes complimentary detox tea and BioMat therapy.


Reflexology Option: 

For maximized benefits, add reflexology to your Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak. Reflexology is a form of bodywork that involves applying pressure to the feet to target specific reflex points to restore balance and manage pain in the body. Reflexology can improve nerve function, blood circulation, boosts metabolism, and increase energy levels. 


Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak may address:​

  • Pain

  • Inflammation

  • Poor circulation

  • Headaches

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • Digestive issues


In addition, Reflexology helps improve:

  • Nerve function

  • Blood circulation

  • Metabolism

  • Energy levels. 

Tibetan herbal foot soak

Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak without reflexology

Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak 

30 min Soak: $45 

Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak Package 

Five 30-min Soaks $200 (Save $25) 

Ten 30-min soaks $400 (Save $50) 

Fifteen 30-min soaks $600 (Save $75) 

Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak with Reflexology 

Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak & Reflexology 

30 min Soak & 15 min Reflexology Treatment: $70 


Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak & Reflexology Package 

Five 30 min Soaks & Reflexology Sessions: $300 (Save $50) 

Ten 30 min Soaks & Reflexology Sessions:$600 (Save $100)


Make your own foot soak at home

Herbs for Home Use  

One bag $15

Ten for $135 (Save $15) 

Woman enjoying a Tibetan herbal foot soak at Pellegrino Healing Center
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