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Eating well is essential to our health and to our healing. Food has the power to help uplift our moods, replenish our energy, prevent disease, and provide our body with everything it needs to live a long and happy life. Today’s modern SAD diet (Standard American Diet) has left so many of us feeling confused, frustrated, inflamed, malnourished, and sick. Learning how to nourish ourselves properly through food and lifestyle changes can feel very challenging. Fortunately, Pellegrino Healing Center has two wonderful nutrition practitioners who offer their own unique programming and expertise to help guide and support your unique body with the right nutrients and healthy habits.

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Debbie Justs is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach who works with clients to lose weight through real food. With knowledge, mindset, and accountability, Debbie has been helping her clients lose weight and live healthier for over 35 years. A graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Debbie received her certification by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners in 2015. Having lived in the Hudson Valley area for over 20 years, Debbie has made it her life’s work to treat poor health with natural foods.


Debbie Justs got into the health and lifestyle industry because of her own struggles with food and weight loss at an early age. Debbie was an overweight child who was put on a number of fad diets along with weight loss programs from the ages of 9 to 13. It wasn’t until Debbie was a young adult that she learned how to overcome her own emotional and physical challenges by developing a healthier relationship with food. By incorporating whole foods, movement, and a new mindset, Debbie changed her world for the better. Debbie’s own transformation allowed her to dive deeper into the world of health and wellness, educating herself and countless others on how to make lasting changes.


Debbie’s health and lifestyle coaching sessions offer a food first, results-driven approach. These sessions help clients make the essential dietary changes needed to feel better. Debbie helps guide her clients away from processed foods and towards whole and nutritious foods that are healing and restorative to the body. Her sessions provide accountability, recipe ideas, resources, and support. 

Debbie Justs CHC, AADP

Health & Lifestyle Coaching Pricing

Initial Health & Lifestyle Coaching: $150 60 min

Includes one check-in within the week 


Follow-up Health & Lifestyle Coaching $150 50-60 min

Includes one check-in within the week 


30 minute Health & Lifestyle Coaching + Assisted Food Shopping Trip: $250 

*Assisted food shopping trip is at the patient's store of choice. 

Includes one check-in within the week. 


Monthly Health & Lifestyle Coaching: $500 


One Assisted Food Shopping Trip

Four Weekly 30 minute meetings 

Everyday check-in accountability 

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Health & Nutritional Therapy

Michelle Eggink is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher who holds nurturing space for those looking to break down mental barriers and integrate a practice of presence and clean eating for happier, healthier living. Michelle received her Quantum Reflex Analysis Certifications for Levels 1 & 2 and has been practicing Kundalini Yoga and Pranayama for over a decade. Michelle offers her patients an extensive knowledge base about healing foods, meditation and mindfulness, and lifestyle changes to address symptoms, health concerns, fears, and goals.  


Michelle’s passion for food, meditation, and breathwork developed at a young age. After experiencing a number of health and autoimmune issues as a child, Michelle began to explore alternative ways of treatment when conventional methods did not provide the level of relief or lasting change Michelle needed. Michelle witnessed first-hand how food and lifestyle changes can help overcome autoimmune, digestive, stress, and inflammation issues while supporting true healing and vitality.


Michelle’s Health & Nutritional Therapy sessions offer a foundational, holistic approach to healthier living. These results-driven sessions are designed to work with your unique body, lifestyle, and background to increase your ability to make lasting, positive change. Michelle helps you dive deeper into your own social, emotional, and personal relationship with food. These sessions provide necessary structure, support, and accountability so that you can properly overcome your health concerns and achieve your goals. 



  • Initial Interview with In-Depth Intake Form Analysis 

  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire from specialized Nutri-Q Software

  • 3-4 Day Extensive Food & Mood Journal 

  • Goal Setting 

  • Customized Lifestyle & Nutrition Recommendations 

  • Stress Relief & Mindfulness Tips 

  • Nutrition & Wellness Resources

  • Supplement Recommendations

Michelle Eggink NTP

Health & Nutritional Therapy Pricing

Initial Appointment (90 min)


Extended follow-ups (60 min)


Modified follow-ups (30 min )


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