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Mud therapy applied to leg

Mud baths and mud treatments have been used therapeutically for hundreds of years. Due to its high mineral content, mud has a drawing effect that is detoxifying and healing. Mud therapy opens skin pores, allowing nutrients in and toxins out.

Mud Therapy helps:​

  • Muscle tension

  • Reduces pain

  • Eases stiffness in the joints

  • Improve skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis

  • Enhances vision and makes the eye stress-free

  • Helps to relax the digestive system and strengthen all the associated organs

Pellegrino Healing Center offers two specialty mud treatments

mud therapy

Mud therapy

Medi-Body Clay 

Promotes rapid and effective cleansing of targeted body areas to alleviate pain and restore strength. Includes cleansing foot soak after application. Additional time includes personalized quantum reflex analysis testing for deeper and more specific pain relief. This mud therapy is performed by an acupuncturist.


90-min $175 

120-min $220 

Mud wrap therapy

Apothecary Mud Wrap

Improves circulation, rejuvenates, replenishes minerals, fights eczema and inflammation, aids pain management and injury rehabilitation. Includes a stimulatory dry skin brushing, a full body wrap, reflexology massage and aromatherapy. Introductory offer will include a complimentary dry brush and lymphatic dry brush education. This mud therapy is performed by our esthetician. Please see our ESTHETICS section for more information on our Apothecary Mud Wraps.


60-min $100

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