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Patient Care Coordinator, Therapy Assistant

“Everyone at some point could use a helping hand, or even a smiling face. The world is a stressful place and positivity and joy can help to negate that stress. I will try to bring happiness to your day - which is one step closer to healing.” 

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A Bit About Heather

Hailing from the Midwest, Heather is a patient person that loves to help others. Having worked the front end of a busy medical office, with experience in customer service, prior authorization, medical insurance and training other staff members, Heather comes to us with a strong working background and a great work ethic. She has joined our staff in the role of full-time patient care coordinator and therapy assistant. She is passionate about helping Veterans and others that are struggling with PTSD. Heather currently lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband and their pets. 


You may catch Heather singing as she works, feel free to join in!

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