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Patient Care Coordinator, Therapy Assistant

“Everyone at some point could use a helping hand, or even a smiling face. The world is a stressful place and positivity and joy can help to negate that stress. I will try to bring happiness to your day - which is one step closer to healing.” 

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A Bit About Heather

Heather is someone that loves to help others. Hailing from the Midwest, her warm, welcoming nature combined with her strong work ethic made her a great candidate for our patient care coordinator/therapy assistant role. Heather most recently worked the front end of a busy medical office in the Hudson Valley, gaining experience in customer service, prior authorization, medical insurance and training other staff members. 


A former student of drama, Heather acted in some high school plays and was active in her hometown's church choir. She then went on to spend some time working for Walt Disney World. She was accepted into the college program there, and worked her way into the entertainment department. Her favorite memories from her time at Disney are when she got to help make magical wishes come true for children by being a part of their Make a Wish experience. 

Heather is passionate about helping Veterans and others that are struggling with PTSD. In 2024, Heather completed courses and received her certification from Syracuse University in "Cannabis Healthcare & Medicine" as well as "Cannabis Compliance & Risk Management". Under the guidance of Dr. Diana Silverman, Heather is now offering medical cannabis consultations for those seeking to get a medical cannabis card with NY State.

Heather currently lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband and their pets. You may catch Heather singing as she works, feel free to join in!

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