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Amber Merkens

Clinic Herbalist, Patient Care Coordinator

“I love working at Pellegrino Healing Center because we offer a truly integrative and compassionate approach. Our practitioners are collaborative, applying their unique expertise to each person’s total health picture, and this brings about a myriad of benefits for the patient -  and the deep and lasting healing they deserve.”

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A Bit About Amber

Amber Merkens is a clinical herbalist and integrative practitioner who helps people find embodied healing and a deeper connection to the natural world (themselves!) through herbal medicine, therapeutic food, and lifestyle practices. 


Amber’s herbalism is an extension and expression of growing up in the Pacific Northwest rainforests, dancing professionally, postpartum caregiving, and mothering - all of which put her on her plant path. Her work integrates somatic knowledge, generational wisdom, and science, and her formal training is in vitalist, European, Chinese, and Ayurvedic herbal traditions.

Amber is a graduate of the ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism, where she still serves as Clinic Director.


Amber lives in New Paltz, NY with her two children, and is thrilled to contribute to the well rounded integrative care that is central to Pellegrino Healing Center and Pellegrino Integrative Cancer Center.

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