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Shannon Lutfring, RN., BSN., NC-BC.

Shannon Lutfring, RN., BSN., NC-BC.

Registered Nurse, Nurse Coach-Board Certified 

"When I learned that the Pellegrino Center had an open position for an Integrative Nurse, I felt like my prayers had been answered. Their values and mission align with the healthcare direction I'm pursuing. I believe in their holistic approach to helping patients uncover the root cause of their symptoms and diseases. I'm excited to bring my nursing skills and coaching services to the patients here."

A Bit About Shannon

Shannon Lutfring, RN, joins Pellegrino Healing Center with a background in acute care, specializing in adult medical-cardiology nursing and pediatric nursing at Albany Medical Center. Shannon has provided nursing care for children as young as 28 weeks old and for adults up to 100 years old. She has learned to support the families of her patients during some of their most challenging moments.

Shannon's passion for sports and physical activity earned her a running scholarship in college, where her interest in wellness began. Through her studies and the demands of a D1 program, she deepened her understanding of physical and mental well-being.

Shannon took care of many patients suffering from preventable diseases. This experience sparked a desire to help people with their health before they required hospitalization. During the pandemic, she and her colleagues faced immense mental and emotional challenges while caring for patients in a resource-strapped environment. This experience gave Shannon a deep understanding of the impact of stress on our minds and bodies. Motivated by this, she decided to move away from bedside nursing and pursue a career in preventative healthcare. Shannon became a Board Certified Nurse Coach in 2021 and obtained certification in Integrative Nutrition last year. She is very passionate about supporting individuals through health, career, and life changes. Additionally, she is currently training to be certified in Somatic Healing to integrate these techniques into her 1:1 Nurse Coaching sessions. This fall, she will begin a part-time FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) program with hopes of bringing further treatment, testing, and healing to patients at The Pellegrino Center.

In her free time, Shannon enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She has recently discovered a passion for party planning. Shannon also enjoys baking granola, running, practicing yoga, crocheting, and hiking with her husband and chocolate lab, Zeke.

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