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Salt Cave Halotherapy Improves Respiratory & Immune Health - Blog

Have you ever felt drawn to the ocean and the salty air around it? Think back to a time when you inhaled deeply as your face was kissed by a cool, salty breeze, as you laid next to the water. The negative ions in that salty ocean water are known to calm your mood and balance your energy. The healing effects of salt therapy, otherwise known as Halotherapy are incredibly nourishing and life-bringing.


Halotherapy Described

While salt therapy has been used since ancient times and has gained traction throughout history, its application in the modern world is relatively new. More and more salt caves (around 300 in the US) are popping up with the discovery of multiple health benefits. While there are a number of potential benefits from Halotherapy, two very important and relevant ones include the improvement of respiratory and immune health.


Halotherapy & Respiratory Health