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We want you to be informed and prepared for your visits with us, so we have created a page filled with the most commonly asked for information. If there is anything not covered here that you have a question about, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


To insure that you get the best care possible, all new acupuncture patients will be scheduled for a consultation, where a treatment plan will be created especially for you, and if you wish, time will be allotted for you to have your first treatment immediately following the consultation.

Frequently asked questions about acupuncture:

Does acupuncture hurt?

For most people acupuncture is a painless procedure. Some people claim they can barely feel the acupuncture needles at all.

Does Pellegrino Healing Center accept insurance?

We participate in a growing number of major healthcare plans such as Blue Cross Blue Shield. As a courtesy, our billing department will verify your insurance benefits for acupuncture. Different insurance companies and plans vary in deductibles, copays, and visit limits. Your coverage will be discussed with you at the time of your initial consultation. If you choose to only have the consultation, there is a $40 fee.

How many acupuncture treatments will I need?

This is something that is unique to the individual. At the time of the initial examination, the practitioner will come up with a unique, individual, and holistic treatment plan based on your symptoms and health history. Most conditions can require between 6 and 10 sessions in order to effectively correct or alleviate a problem.

How should I prepare for my acupuncture session?

Wear loose clothing to allow access to acupuncture points. Have a light meal or snack shortly before your treatment. It is important to drink plenty of water following your session. Try to plan your appointment so that you are able to avoid doing anything that is too stressful or strenuous afterwards. We encourage our patients to take it as easy as possible after treatment. This time is for you and your body to relax and heal.



Payment is expected at time of service for the following services. A superbill will be generated for you to take with you that you can submit to your insurance company.

  • Integrative Medicine Consultation and follow up

  • Second Opinion Breast Consultation (non-cancerous)

  • Integrative Oncology

  • Second Opinion Breast Cancer Consultation

  • Oncology Massage

Oncology Acupuncture - some insurances cover acupuncture. As a courtesy to you, we will verify your insurance benefits and go over your coverage during your consultation.


The following services are not covered by insurance:

IV Infusions

Custom IV Vitamin Consultation

Vitamin Booster Shots 

Medical Cannabis Consultation

*Please be aware that HSA and FSA accounts can be used to pay for any of the above services.