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Meditation has been shown to help cancer patients, both active and in remission, relieve anxiety, stress, depression, pain, and fatigue, as well as help improve sleep and mood. The integration of gentle breathing techniques assist and guide the autonomic nervous system to a more relaxed state, maximizing benefits. Whether you are struggling with the stress of a recent diagnosis or are looking for ways to improve your mindset in the midst of or at the end of your treatments, meditation can help. 

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Meditation & Breathwork

Benefits of Breathwork & Meditation

  • Emotional health, including relief from depression, anxiety, and traumatic residue.

  • Reducing over-response to stress.

  • Dealing with sleep disturbances.

  • Reducing blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Deeper connection to self and intuition.

  • Increases cognitive function: memory, concentration, and sensory processing.

  • Reduction in anger and frustration.

  • Integration of grief and loss.

  • More sustained energy throughout the day.

  • Reducing physical pain and digestive issues.

Private Guided Meditation in the Salt Cave Includes:

These sessions go above and beyond your typical meditation class including:

  • Intake form analysis 

  • Customized goal setting (decrease anxiety, increase productivity, assuage depression) 

  • Breathwork techniques 

  • Personalized guided meditation 

  • Breathwork and wellness resources 

  • Halotherapy treatment if desired


Michelle quickly assesses her patient's needs to provide fine tuned and tailored meditations and techniques to best suit your goals and comfort level. 



 $75 per session 45-60 min.


Three 60-min sessions $195

   ($65 per session, save $30)