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Patient Care Coordinator, Therapy Assistant

“I look forward to helping people from all walks of life, holding space when needed, providing support when acceptable, being guided by successful leadership, and embracing a new experience working with a team of women. I am so thankful for this opportunity!”

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A Bit About Jaime

Jaime comes to Pellegrino pursuing a career change. Working her way from secretary to V-level management in the field of construction, she felt it was time to move on. She joins us a full-time patient care coordinator and therapy assistant. Her story is one of healing, and that story is what led her to us.

Jaime's journey towards holistic health started in 2017 after experiencing a heart attack at the age of 38. She had 100%

blockage in her right coronary artery and a stent had to be inserted. After being told she'd be on medication forever, she became determined to turn that into a false statement. She experimented with different lifestyle choices and tried nearly all alternative medicine modalities and treatments. Through her own healing experience, Jaime realized how much more of an impact healing has when it is tailored towards the person as an individual. Jaime wishes for a day where Western and Eastern medicine will come into balance with one another and hopes to be a part of that becoming a reality.

Jaime is a Licensed NYS Notary Public, and is currently pursuing a degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Her hobbies and interests include singing, playing piano, volunteering, studying Ayurvedic/Yogic Sciences, traveling, and spending time with loved ones. She finds joy in finding all the pieces in the puzzle of life.

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