Pellegrino Integrative Cancer Center is a collaboration of healthcare practitioners dedicated to delivering the highest standard of conventional, complementary and alternative medicine, nurturing intrinsic healing in the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. It is our mission to serve, empower and partner with our patients and our community on the path to wellness, transformation, and wholeness. 

Integrative Oncology Consultation

  • Consultation with Dr. Diana Silverman

  • Review patient cancer history

  • Review patient’s cancer treatment thus far

  • Review pathology, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation

  • Review nutrition history

  • Review lifestyle factors that may be contributing to disease

  • Review medications/ supplements

  • Complete physical exam

  • Provide hormone testing, genetic testing, blood tests, nutrition testing (if necessary)

  • Provide detailed recommendations for complete integrative treatment of cancer encompassing nutrition, supplements, medications, energy healing, acupuncture, immune boosting, stress reduction, spiritual, relationships, detoxing – alongside chemotherapy, surgery, and/or radiation

  • Work alongside oncologists, surgeons, radiologists to help provide true integrative cancer treatment


Initial Consultation (2 hours)


Follow up visits (60-min)


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Comprehensive Integrative Oncology Consultation 

Our comprehensive programs are designed to immerse our patients in the ultimate holistic experience. The combination of these services address the entire patient-body, mind, and spirit. With our comprehensive programming, your team of healers works collectively to determine the best healing strategies and plan for your unique body and health history. Together, we elevate your level of care by including an array of expertise, top of the art modalities, and results-driven sessions. 


  • Consultation with Dr. Diana Silverman 

  • Initial consultation and treatment with Christine Pellegrino M.S., L.Ac

  • Consultation and initial 60 min treatment with oncology certified massage therapist 

  • Consultation and initial session with Michelle Eggink for meditation and breathwork