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healthy recipes

Our Health & Lifestyle Coach Debbie Justs, CHC, AADP shares some of her recipes for healthier living.

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Spinach & Feta Stuffed Chicken


6 Chicken Cutlets (pounded thin)

4 cups of Baby Spinach

6 tbsps of crumbled Feta cheese

1 Large Egg (beaten)

1 cup of Panko (I use Cento, which has no added sugars)

3 cloves of Garlic (chopped)

At least 2 tbsps of Avocado Oil

Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes


Black Pepper



  1. Prepare and assemble all ingredients.

  2. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

  3. In a large pan on medium heat, add 2 tbsps of avocado oil.

  4. When the oil is hot, add in your chopped garlic and crushed red pepper flakes.

  5. Once the garlic has begun to cook, add the spinach and let cook until it starts to wilt (This should only take a few minutes).

  6. Take the pan off the heat and let cool slightly.

  7. Lay the chicken out lengthwise and spoon 1 large tablespoon of your spinach mixture and 1 tablespoon of feta cheese onto the widest end.

  8. Roll the chicken tightly from the widest end to the thinnest.

  9. Dip the rolled-up chicken in your beaten egg and then roll and cover in panko.

  10. Place your panko-crusted chicken onto your cookie sheet and drizzle each piece with avocado oil.

  11. Bake for 40 minutes.

  12. Serve with salt and pepper to taste.



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Almond Butter Cacao Balls

1 cup of almond butter (no added sugars or oils)*
1 Tbsp of cacao
10 pitted dates 
1 tsp of real vanilla extract
Food processor

Prepare all ingredients.
In a food processor, add your dates, vanilla & cacao.
On high, blend until smooth.
Add the almond butter to your mixture and blend together.
Remove mixture from the food processor and knead with wet hands to your desired consistency.
Roll the mixture into 1–2-inch balls and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.


*You can substitute your favorite nut butter - use all natural, no added sugars/oils


Image by Floh Maier

Watermelon Salad

This is a fresh and easy salad that serves two. Perfect for the warm weather!


1 cup of cubed Watermelon (seedless)

¼ cup of Feta cheese

1 cup of Baby Arugula

½ of an Avocado (cubed)

A few slices of Red Onion

2 small Cucumbers

Juice of 1 Lime




  1. Prepare and assemble all ingredients.

  2. In a bowl or on a plate, combine watermelon, arugula, red onion, cucumber, avocado, and feta.

  3. Sprinkle fresh lime juice on the entire salad. Mix to flavor evenly.



Broccoli soup

Broccoli Soup


32 - 50 ounces (4 – 6 ¼ cups) of bone broth or vegetable stock

7 cups of fresh broccoli (chopped and cleaned)

1 large yellow onion (chopped)

1 large carrot (diced)

2 cloves of garlic (minced)

3 tablespoons of olive oil

Pinch of cayenne

½ cup of fresh parmesan cheese (grated) *optional

Pink salt & black coarse pepper to taste



  1. Prepare and assemble all ingredients.

  2. Heat the olive oil in a soup pot and add your onion, garlic, and carrot. Sauté for 5 minutes.

  3. Add broccoli and sauté this all together for 7 minutes.

  4. Add a pinch of cayenne and black pepper

  5. Add broth or stock; bring to a boil and then lower to a simmer. Let this simmer for 10 minutes.

  6. When all vegetables are tender, use an immersion hand blender (or something that has the same effect) to make it seem creamy without adding any cream.

  7. Add the parmesan cheese and mix until well incorporated.

  8. Add salt and pepper to taste.


For some crunch, try adding roasted chickpeas instead of croutons on top when serving!

Roasted chickpea with lemon and feta

Roasted Chickpeas with Lemon & Feta


1 large can of Chickpeas (drained, rinsed, and completely dried)

1 large Lemon’s Zest

3 tbsps of Avocado Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

½ tsp of Sumac

¼ cup of Feta cheese

1 tbsp of Fresh Parsley (chopped)

Pink Salt




  1. Prepare and assemble all ingredients.

  2. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

  3. Spread chickpeas out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

  4. Drizzle the chickpeas with oil and sprinkle with pink salt.

  5. Roast for 30-35 minutes, shaking and displacing the chickpeas every 10 minutes to avoid burning.

  6. While still hot, add to your chickpeas your lemon zest and feta cheese.

  7. Sprinkle with sumac and parsley.

  8. Taste to see if any more salt is needed.


This recipe is delicious and great as a snack or to bring to a party.



Quinoa, tomato and arugula salad

Quinoa, Tomato and Arugula Salad


1 cup Quinoa

2 cups Flavor Bombs cherry tomatoes (washed and halved) or any cherry/grape tomato

1/2 Red Onion thinly sliced

1 cup fresh Arugula 

How to cook Quinoa:

Always make sure you rinse your quinoa under cold water first and drain, add quinoa to a pot with 2 cups cold water and a pinch of pink salt. Bring to a boil than lower heat to a simmer for 15 minutes. Remove the quinoa from heat, cover and let stand for 5 minutes. Remove lid and fluff with a fork.



Extra Virgin Olive oil,


Pink salt & Black pepper to taste

Add to a mason jar, shake well and pour over salad.


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