integrative cancer care 

The Hudson Valley Integrative Cancer Care Program at Pellegrino Healing Center is a collaboration of health care practitioners dedicated to integrating the highest standard of conventional, complementary and alternative medicine. We nurture intrinsic healing in the whole person; body, mind and spirit. It is our mission to serve, empower and partner with our patients and our community on the path to wellness, transformation and wholeness.


Comprehensive Integrative 
Oncology Consultation 

  • Consultation with Dr. Diana Silverman - $600 value

  • Consultation and initial treatment with Christine Pellegrino  - $165 value

  • Consultation and initial 60 min treatment with oncology certified massage therapist - $125 value

  • Consultation and initial session with Michelle Eggink for meditation and breathwork ($75 value)

  • 45 minute sauna session ($45 value)



Integrative Oncology

  • Review patient cancer history

  • Review patient’s cancer treatment thus far

  • Review pathology, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation

  • Review nutrition history

  • Review lifestyle factors that may be contributing to disease

  • Review medications/ supplements

  • Complete physical exam

  • Provide hormone testing, genetic testing, blood tests, nutrition testing (if necessary)

  • Provide detailed recommendations for complete integrative treatment of cancer encompassing nutrition, supplements, medications, energy healing, acupuncture, immune boosting, stress reduction, spiritual, relationships, detoxing – alongside chemotherapy, surgery, and/or radiation

  • Work alongside oncologists, surgeons, radiologists to help provide true integrative cancer treatment


Initial Consultation (2 hours)


Follow up visits (60-min)


Second Opinion Breast Cancer Consultation

  • Complete history and physical exam

  • Complete breast & lymph node exam

  • Review imaging

  • Review any pathology results

  • Consult with pathologist and radiologist (if necessary)

  • Order additional imaging, blood tests, genetic testing (if necessary)

  • Provide in-depth discussion with patient regarding above results

  • Provide in-depth recommendations for monitoring and/or treatment according to best practices and standard of care


Initial Consultation (1 hour)


Follow up visits (30-min)