I started seeing Hillary at Pellegrino Healing Center a little over a month ago. It has had a really positive impact on my life. My anxiety is better. I feel a lot calmer and I just feel really fortunate to be able to come here. I definitely recommend the Center to everyone! All the practitioners are great and I love Hillary.” 

– Bridget

Christine Pellegrino is an amazing healer. I have been a patient of hers for 18 months, and she's been successful in helping me with a range of issues from anxiety to neck pain to plantar fasciitis. Her practice is not a factory; she spends time with each patient and understands their needs. She uses a wide range of techniques, depending on the individual patient's needs. I also appreciate that she respects my time, and begins treatments when scheduled. You could not ask for a better acupuncturist and healer. 


Pellegrino Healing Center is a beautiful facility and is staffed with empathetic and understanding people, all of whom are devoted to the well-being of their clients. They offer a range of services, from acupuncture to therapeutic foot soaks. It is a true oasis from everyday life; you will leave relaxed and recharged.” 

– Peter Greweling 

Each staff member cares for me as a person and their goal is to improve my overall wellness. My acupuncturist, Christine, adjusts and refines her medical plan for my needs at every appointment. My masseuse is Flo. At the beginning of every session, she discusses my aches, pains or concerns and develops a plan for my massage. If I cannot make an appointment with Christine or Flo I am happy to see any available staff. Whenever I go to Pellegrino Healing Center, the staff is kind, caring, and positive. I am pleased that I discovered Pellegrino Healing Center." 

– Edith Stratton 

Pellegrino Healing Center is amazing and I’m grateful that there are people like Christine Pellegrino in this world to help us. The center is beautiful, inviting, and calming. I feel like I have my life back because of my acupuncture treatments. I was on my dining room floor crawling around on my hands and knees, doing spring cleaning, and was thinking, “I feel like a million bucks!” Who would have thought that doing spring cleaning would make someone feel like they have their life back?! I am truly looking forward to my next treatment at Pellegrino Healing Center and will definitely be setting up a preventive maintenance schedule.” 

– Regis Sonner

Pellegrino Healing Center has a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Everyone who works there is very sweet and helpful. I always look forward to my acupuncture treatments with Christine. Each appointment Christine and I talk about how I have been feeling that week. She takes her time and makes sure I am comfortable. I admire not only Christine and her passion, but all of the members of the Center for wanting to help improve my wellness.” 

– Lauren Kelly

I have been seeing Christine Pellegrino for over a year now for chronic back problems. I was skeptical of acupuncture and was reluctant to try it, but my doctor recommended Christine to help with my mobility and pain. The Center has really helped me manage my spine issues. I've had bulging discs in my lower back and arthritis in my upper spine. I'm very happy to say that my back problems are no longer chronic because of acupuncture and other services at Pellegrino Healing Center. After two acupuncture treatments, the mobility in my neck changed drastically, and my pain levels became very manageable to the point of being inconsequential. My lower back is also much improved, and my activity level is back to normal. All of the practitioners are very intelligent, spending the proper amount of time explaining how their services work and how they will benefit you. I would recommend the Center to anyone who is looking to reduce and even eliminate pain in the spine. The Center has tremendous practitioners who you can change your life and reduce and even eliminate your pain completely through acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and much more! Give Pellegrino Healing Center a try!" 

– Steve Eggink 

Pellegrino Healing Center is a truly calming and wonderful safe space for me. The staff members are kind, welcoming, and willing to adjust their schedule to accommodate the needs of their patients. Pellegrino Healing Center is a warm and comforting environment that makes me feel at home." 

– Megan



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